Parfum d`Empire Cuir Ottoman 500ml Eau de Parfum


A sensuous iris and leather oriental. Leather rubbed with powdery iris, warmed with cistus and burnt styrax, dipped in a heady oriental base of Tolu balsam, benzoin resin and incense tears… Egyptian jasmine brings opulence to the heart. Powerful and refined.

Inside, you will discover the 500ml new bottle, cylindrical and timeless, adorned with a black bakelite cap.
This set comes with a travel spray 30 ml and a small glass funnel for filling. That is reminiscent of the ‘spirit lab’ dear to our brand artisanal values.

Notes: Iris, egyptian jasmine, labdanum, leather, tolu balsam, benzoin, styrax, incense, vanilla and tonka bean.

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