Moresque Parfum Aristoqrati Esprit de Parfum

Moresque Parfum Aristoqrati Esprit de Parfum


7.5 ml  Attar encapsulated in sumptuous crystal flacon.

Moresque creates “esprit de parfum” as a powerful reminder that scented oils have their roots in arabic perfumery culture.

Neither an eau de parfum, nor an extrait de parfum, “esprit de parfum” is an extremely concentrated scented oil that explores the “spirit” and core essences of a perfume.

Woody – Spicy
Top notes: geranium from Egypt, nutmeg
Heart notes: peony, vetiver Madagascar
Base notes: patchouli from Indonesia, amber, vanilla

The marriage of rosy geranium and spicy nutmeg brings us back on the traces of the aristocratic and royal dynasties of the Middle East. Refreshing peony and aromatic vetiver reflect the alliance of two distinguished hearts, destined to a sumptuous and bright future. Their promise rests on solid/strong accords of earthy patchouli and long-lasting amber, rounded by vanilla.

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